Basic Services

  • We support the following environments: Factories and Manufacturing plants receiving inspection & production line support, sorting exercises and containment of inferior products/parts.
  • Regular communication to ensure pro-active action on concerns.
  • Review and validation of potentially inferior quality products / parts
  • We promote the supplier through consistent presence on site
  • Horison supports general queries regarding: incorrect supply of materials, quantities supplied, dispatch
  • Comprehensive activity reports and pro-active feedback where necessary
  • Weekly and or daily on site visits to review and report
  • Feedback to production line to prevent re-occurring defects
  • Clear and fast feedback to production personnel

Core Functions

  • Management of staff
  • Management of stock levels
  • Control of inferior products / non-conforming parts (inspection)
  • Daily / weekly reports on “scrap” products / totals of materials to be re cycled
  • Bursting and folding on request