Independent Quality Control Management Teams for Suppliers

Are you confident that your implementation of your quality control management system is effective and delivering the results you want?

Your customers are becoming increasingly more demanding of your company to provide assembled components that are consistent with global quality standards.

Quality control management South Africa

These demands are against a backdrop of lower global economic growth and real time budget cuts that impact critical production processes.

Meanwhile, you also know that your workforce faces severe challenges in terms of training, experience and productivity.

Line managers may perversely incentivise workers to prioritise quotas. They then pass over inferior quality components up the line to customer delivery where you can least afford it. Containing quality problems after the fact is so much more expensive than the costs of good quality control.

Your suppliers suffer in the same circumstances to deliver quality consistency. And your stressed production teams will be dealing with quality issues even before production begins.

You may ask how it is possible to maintain the same level of productivity and enforce the necessary quality management in these circumstances.

Independent Quality Control Management Teams are essential

To uphold the integrity of component quality control, management and assessment, it is vital to maintain independence between the manufacturer and quality management.

However, this is often not the case.

Why would those responsible for the design, fabrication and assembly process also be responsible for the associated product quality inspection?

Quality assurance must be independent of the project, programme or portfolio to which it applies. That is if you do not want production to defeat its own objectives.

Accountability in quality management processes

Horison Staffing have created highly trained and motivated personnel who function as your independent quality management team.

Additionally, we are experienced in applying quality management in production. This means quality control on the component production line end-to-end, at multiple touch points and at various management levels.

Our quality assurance processes provide confidence to our clients that their projects, programmes and portfolios are being well managed.

Horison Staffing validates the consistent use of procedures and standards. We also ensure that our staff have the correct knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfill their project roles and responsibilities in a competent manner.

We provide you with the assurance that our QMS team complements your production while aiming at the same production goals.

Talk to us today – if you want world class quality control on your component production line.