About Us

Horison Staffing Solutions has been providing a service of quality control to the motor industry in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and parts of Johannesburg for the past 3 years.

Because we are a boutique company, we are able to adapt quickly and effectively to the changing needs of our clients.

Because we are a boutique company, we are able to adapt quickly and effectively to the changing needs of our clients.

This has given us time to build the knowledge to understand what it means to implement a quality system and what is expected from International companies.By starting with small projects we were given the opportunity to build our client base and gain extensive knowledge and experience in the motor industry as well as knowledge of effective staff management systems in other areas.

Our company has been built by using trained personnel with a passion to deliver good quality service and products to and from production lines. As a team we have gained experience to distinguish between conforming and non- conforming parts / products which are not always easy in all fields. We have adapted our inspection and labor skills to our customers’ specific needs.

We realize that managing staff and managing quality goes hand in hand and cannot be separated from each other. It is not what we do, but the way we do it.

We will assist by improving your current monitoring system and provide daily detailed reports as needed.

We at Horison strive to empower our staff to perform to the best of their ability.

Our Quality Assurance Vision

  • We aim to constantly improve our service to our customers and our organization by preventing non-conformances and to consistently implement improvement measures.
  • At our company, every employee is committed, responsible and accountable for the quality of our services.
  • We encourage the quality and environmental awareness of our employees by providing training in accordance with their tasks, obligations and requirements.

Our Quality Assurance Mission

We pride ourselves by our service and our mission is to establish a well- known successful business by offering the best possible 2nd and 3rd party quality control service to our clients.

Our company undertakes everything that is possible in the practical sense in order to meet the demands of our customer with regards to quality and convenience, efficiency, environmental compatibility and safety to our customer and our personnel.